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      "Well!" said Dr. Remy, by way of reminding him that he was still waiting.Doctor Remy did not wait for the tardy answer. Putting his arm round Astra, he drew her head on to his shoulder. The movement might have been prompted by tenderness; none the less, it had the effect to take his face out of her line of vision.

      "And what eyes they are!" exclaimed Astra, admiringly,-not without a pleasant perception, too, that she had succeeded wonderfully well in putting them on canvas.What we want, he said to the man who was sent after it, is the first-rate article. None of your blank wicker things, but a splendacious set-out that swings under a kind of tent, you know. And its got to have plenty of satin and lace about it, mind you; real satin and real lace. Never you mind the blank expense. The Orphan of Three Star is going to have the spankest cradle the earth can produce, or Three Star will know the reason why.

      Absorbed in these reflections, he had allowed his horse to choose his own pace, which had gradually slackened, from a gallop to a trot, and then into a walk, until, at last, he was easily overtaken by Dick Causton, in whose eyes there still shone a humorous twinkle.


      Varley Howard rolled another cigarette, and though his face was as impassive as ever, his delicate fingers quivered slightly.


      Hark! is not that the sound of footsteps, falling airily, yet heavily, too, in some distant chamber? And there, in the upper gallery, is certainly the rustle of the supernaturally stiff silk robe of the first Lady Bergan, who was found dead in her bed, so many years ago! And now creaks the door at the end of the wing, through which old Sir Harry is wont to march majestically forth, sword in hand, to take vengeance on any degenerate scion of the house that he encounters in his path! This last apparition is too much for their nerves. They shrink together, and flee noiselessly to their cabins, hearing the footsteps of the angry knight following them all the way, and leaving the old house untenanted save by the-ghosts, and the few faithful watchers in the death-chamber.


      Miss Thane gave him a long look out of her deep eyes, partly surprised, partly meditative.