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      My God, you have quarreled!

      Yes, yes; quite so, said Lady Ada. I never saw any one so overwhelmed. Do you like this thing of Griegs, or shall I play a Chopin now?

      It did. The Lieutenant hourly expecting to be ordered to the front, this wedding, like so many others, would be at the earliest day possible. "A great concession," the lady said, turning her piquant wrinkles this time upon Mandeville. But just here the General engrossed attention. His voice had warmed sentimentally and his kindled eye was passing back and forth between Anna seated by him and Hilary close at hand in the saddle. He waved wide:

      So you are, my dear, said Lady Wyndover, with her languid smile. Better than a circusfar better!

      Her eyes met his for a moment, then looked away.

      Varley saw that she did not want to say any more, and he changed the subject.


      Norman found his mother very ill. The doctor did not forbid all hope; but a crisis was approaching. They could only wait. Norman was very fond of his mother, and greatly upset, and he put off writing his letter to Trafford until the morrow; and in the morning he, of course, read the news of the dukes sudden death."No," said the serene girl, "they, too, go afoot. Often they must help the horses drag the guns through the mire. Only on parade they ride, or when rushing to and fro in battle, whips cracking, horses plunging, the hills smoking and shaking!" The rare creature sparkled frankly, seeing the battery whirling into action with its standard on the wind--this very flag she expected presently to bestow.


      Not very well, he said. But we look upon it as a kind of model and example to the farmers on the estate.


      The man who held her raised her in his arms, and Esmeralda felt herself lifted on to a horse. The hoofs must have been muffled, for her quick ears had heard no sound.