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      So throughout that year Anna had been to Greenleaf the veiled widow of his lost friend, not often or long, and never blithely met; loved more ardently than ever, more reverently; his devotion holding itself in a fancied concealment transparent to all; he defending and befriending her, yet only as he could without her knowledge, and incurring-a certain stigma from his associates and superiors, if not an actual distrust. A whole history of itself would be the daily, nightly, monthly war of passions between him, her, Flora, and those around them, but time flies.

      She went to the desk and wrote as he dictated, and the telegram was dispatched.Anna, inwardly frantic, chattered and laughed. "I don't know what possessed me!" she cried.

      LIII SHIPS, SHELLS, AND LETTERSHow many? he asked at last.

      "Which will never be!" came the quiet response.But this: "Connie thinks he 'inclines' to me. Ho! all he's ever said has been for his far-away friend. I wish he would incline, or else go ten times as far away! Only not to the war--God forbid! Ah, me, how I long for his inclining! And while I long he laughs, and the more he laughs the more I long, for I never, never so doted on any one's laugh. Oh, shame! to love before--"


      Certainlyso it was, my lady. There was no one to see youbegging his lordships pardon for calling him no onebut I meant