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      She looked straight before her. She felt that, had she not been Traffs wife, he would have loved her still, and the thought fell upon her love-thirsty heart with a strange and dangerous sense of comfort.

      "But, dearie! it's nothing but a serenade."

      Norman moved impatiently.Why not? she said, pleasantly. Theres no harm in talking, surely, and I shall not say anything that I mind their hearing. Do you know how long I am to be kept here?

      Trafford was off, and kneeling beside Esmeralda in an instant. She lay, with closed eyes and outstretched arms, motionless, and for a moment he thought she was killed. He raised her head upon his knee, and laid his hand upon her heart, and felt, with a throb of relief, that it was still beating.

      She put out her hand to him impulsively, and he took it, held it for a moment in his firm grasp, then bent over and kissed it.





      Lady Wyndover emitted a kind of moan.


      Would to God you had never gone there, he said.