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      Are you coming, or not? demanded the ringleader, impatiently, and he significantly imitated the click of a trigger with his lips.

      Just as she had pictured him, Varley was as usual presiding[291] at the card-table. Luck was going against him that night, and he was not playing with his usual skill and concentration. He was thinking of Esmeralda; indeed, he thought of little else. The thirst for vengeance upon the man who called himself her husband and had broken her heart was gradually absorbing Varleys whole being; and even as he shuffled and dealt the cards with his usual languid, nonchalant grace, he was asking himself how and when he could avenge her wrongs.

      They had turned down a hill, and were approaching West Wickham. The horses were going at a rattling pace; but he noticed, with an admiration that he could not withhold, that she kept them in hand firmly and with perfect ease.

      I wont try to thank you, doctor, he said.

      No, she said in a low and firm voice; I will not have it. Thebargain is made, and I will stand by it.

      It was: You remember Mrs. Everyoung, Lady Trafford? She wears a golden wig now; it used to be black, you know.


      I have had a most delightful drive, Trafford. Miss Chetwynde is a famous whip. I want you to send to London for a phaeton and pair for her.Thank you, said Lord Selvaine, you are very considerate. As I have the misfortune to be the young ladys guardian, it is my unpleasant duty to ask you what are your prospects? I have always been under the melancholy impression that you hadnt any.


      "But may I not at least say--?"


      For a moments space, the half of a second, she wavered, then she drew her arm from his grasp.It is ever so long, she said.