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      The Sergeant went through the storekeeper's pockets with a deftness that bespoke experience. He produced a small amount of money, some of it in fractional currency and Confederate notes, a number227 of papers, a plug of tobacco, and some other articles. He handed these to the Captain, who hastily looked over them, handed back the tobacco and other things and the small change.

      "If it warn't for startin' another fight," he said to himself, "I'd punch his infernal head."

      "They'd probably say we wuz earning our a month, with 0 bounty at the end o' three years.," snapped Shorty, who was in no mood for irrelevant conversation.

      "No. I didn't. But it's there all the same, and the fellers with it have blood in their eyes. Le's run over to where the other boys are. I'm a private citizen. I don't like so much public notice."Mr Klegg had seen a gun standing in the corner as he ran out. He picked it up and joined one of the squads. He was no coward, and if there had to be fighting, he was willing to do his share.




      we don't git no chance. I axed the Ordly couldn't he get me


      The sound of the bugles had scarcely died away when the pike was deserted, and on either side, as far as the eye could reach, the prostrate men that covered the ground mingled in a long fringe of blue."I believe you're right, Shorty," said Si, bending156 over the board with the charcoal to begin the work. "We'll make it that way, anyway."