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      Yes, if you wish it, she said in a low voice.From that moment, from the moment she had taken the wedding-ring from her finger, she had, in her mind, ceased to be Traffords wife; she was no longer the Marchioness of Trafford, but Esmeralda Howard.

      But the negro instantly brought it without the coffee and placed it on the table with a delicate flourish, shuffled a step back and bowed low:

      "Yes, but he--come, they'll be sending--""Now, if necessary."

      Where is Esmeralda? he asked, peering round the vast room.Well, I say you shall drink, at any rate, said Johnson, quietly; and he called for a glass of whisky and water.

      Her eyes closed, and a little tremor, born of her new joy, ran through her.


      Its contents amazed her. Norman wrote as if his mother were actually ill, and as ifas if he were innocent.


      You dont care where you go? asked Lilias in a muffled voice. It is difficult to speak distinctly with your face half hidden against a gentlemans breast.


      "Now, Miss Flora!" the soldier laughingly broke out, "if it's lost it's lost and no one but me shall lose a cent for it!"