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      "Does time go so very slowly here?" asked Allegra, quickly. "That sounds as if you were unhappy."

      "And his room is on the south-east corner, you say?"

      He went into the smoking-room of the Marlborough and lighted a cigarthat solatium of the angry, the wounded, the wearied, and the sore oppressed. He had not been there five minutes before a young friend entered and hailed him with sprightly welcome. He was a wild young Irish viscount, Lord Dunworthy, who was rapidly running through a fortune which he had recently inherited, and enjoying life as only a young Irishman can. He was the gossip of the club, and Trafford usually liked to listen to his light-hearted chatter; but he could have dispensed with it this afternoon.

      "Perhaps I may get a little hunting by-and-by, when my husband comes home."


      "I thought you were a staunch Conservative, Mr. Crowther, and an upholder of Church and State," said Mr. Colfox. "Am I to believe my ears when I hear you advocating the Ranters' Chapel?"I am not cold, said Esmeralda. The blood was dancing through every vein. She stood in the center of the room, bold upright.


      Before he had time to get out his revolver, she had snatched hers from her pocket and fired. He heard a cry, and saw a man rise from behind the bushes, sway to and fro, and then fall on his face.


      But presently Esmeralda remembered Three Star, and remembered it with a feeling near akin to remorse."I shall like to go anywhere with you, Martin," she answered. "But is it really necessary to go away? I know you love Trelasco."