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      "Get me some tea," he said roughly, "I'm cold."

      "If I haven't got a right to ask you that, wot have I, I'd lik to know?"

      "I d?an't care two straws about that. Albert wur born and christened Church, and he's not going to die chapel because a lousy Methody sings hymns over him when he's sick and d?an't know better. If I find that feller on my pl?ace again, I'll break every bone in his body."

      "Simon Sudbury," answered Ball, with a look of equal defiance, and still deeper scorn"my dungeon doors obeyed the spirit of the free; and God alone can judge who is defiled, or who is pure"

      "What a dear little creature!"


      "Unlawful! Do you call the orders of your lord unlawful?""Then, my lord bishop, let who will stay, we go. My lords, will you attend your king?"


      "Wot've you bin crying for?" he asked as he slid a chair close to hers. He wondered if the humiliation of Odiam had at last come to mean to her a little of what it meant to him.


      For though he did not care for Odiam he loved the country round it, and made a wonderland and a dreamland of it. He did not see in Boarzell Robert's tree-capped waste, though neither did he see his father's enemy and heart's delight. He saw instead a kind of enchanted ground, full of mysteries of sun and moon, full of secrets that were sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying. It seemed to have a soul and a voice, a low voice, hoarse yet sweet; and its soul was not the soul of a man or of a beast, but the soul of a fetch, some country sprite, that clumped, and yet could skip ... he[Pg 128] used to feel it skipping with him in the evening wind when the dusk made the heather misty round his knees ... but he knew that it danced heavy-footed round the farm at night, clumping, clumping, like a clod."Potatoes," said Lardner, "potatoesif farmers 'ud only grow potatoes and not think so much of grain and rootses, we shudn't hear of so many of 'em going bust."