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      J. Longfield, made Lord Longville.

      [See larger version]Hello, boys. Remember me?

      [See larger version]The heaven of hair, the pride of the brow,

      174But whilst these conflicts were taking place, the Revolution was marching on at full speed, and had reached its heightthe Declaration of Independence. The Continental Congress, on the 15th of May, passed a resolution that it was necessary for such of the States as had not framed for themselves such constitutions as were required by the altered circumstances of the country, to forthwith frame such as should be conducive to their safety and welfare. This was published in all the newspapers, accompanied by a statement that, as the King of England, in concurrence with his Parliament, had excluded the people of those colonies from his protection, it became indispensable to abolish the constitution established by that power, and frame one for themselves. Here was a plain declaration; there was no longer any mistake.


      Glad to hear you think the hoodoo is busted, Jeff commented. Me, I dont care. Ive taken my last hop in that-there crate. Im shaking like a leaf, even now. The Hon. H. Skeffington, made clerk of Paper Office at the Castle, with 7,500 for his patronage.


      [See larger version]Captain, Sandy asked, whats your favorite drink? Lemonade or


      The English Opposition now began to comment with great vigour on the conduct of affairs. The spirit of that body rose higher, as the imminence of war became greater. Charles James Fox made a motion for a committee to inquire into the causes of the inefficiency of his Majesty's arms in North America, and of the defection of the people in the province of Quebec. He took a searching review of the whole proceedings since 1774, and contended that there was a great lack of ability and management somewhere, either in the Government which planned, or the generals who had to execute the Ministerial orders. His motion, however, was useless, for it was rejected by two hundred and forty to one hundred and four votes.